Translation services

Translations of special requirements texts from Greek to English and from English to Greek for business. Translations to and from the main languages of the world.

In addition to the advanced organization of the Translation Department, MultiLingua Language Services is also distinguished in Translation for what has brought it to the top of the Conference
Interpretations: the successful selection of the best translators in Greece.


MultiLingua Language Services offers text-editing services that aim at optimizing the message through a meaningful and comprehensible text, knowing that it reflects the person who communicates it. Also aware that the opportunities for effective communication are not so frequent and that “the writings remain”.

A text editing provides basically the help of a second reading that identifies its possibilities of clarification and improvement, at the points that usually pass through the less distant gaze of the writer.

Corporate communication is a key aspect of modern entrepreneurship and its outcomes, as the image of the message contained in each press release, presentation, analysis, briefing, email and website reflects the point of the organization
it is referring to. Dissatisfied with his philosophy, “corporate writing” still ought to be clear and without expressive exaggerations, structured, with his message being transported by tied proposals that inspire confidence and confidence

The editing identifies any discrepancies in the text, comments on the vague or potentially inappropriate proposals, and proposes alternative formulations. It enhances the ease of reading and understanding of the text by improving the flow of sentences, by integrating style and style throughout. The editing of the texts is secured in their digital copies with successive versions of their proposed revision. For the most part, they are exchanged over the Internet by maintaining their confidential nature within a budget and a scheduled timetable.

MultiLingua Language Services provides reliable and authoritative official translations from and into all languages.The areas of expertise of the company for translation are as follows:

  • Finance (Banking & Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Human Resources)
  • Legal (Contracts, Judgments, Proceedings, Powers of Attorney, Lawsuits)
  • Technical & Commercial: (Manuals, Promotional Material, Agreements, Offers)
  • Medical: (Pharmacy Examinations, Medical Exams, Medical Manuals)
  • Informatics: (Online Documentation, Software Applications, Hardware Manuals, Website Translation)
  • Engineering: (Mechanical, Automotive, Chemical, Petrochemical, Civil, Electrical and Electronic Reports, Handbook of Maintenance and Maintenance)


  • Translation of Web Pages Print
  • Emails


  • Interpretations.
  • Validations in collaboration with lawyers.
  • Business correspondence and telephone communications.
  • Editing texts.
  • Proofreading (correction of translated texts).
  • On-line services.

Advanced web translations

MultiLingua offers a specialized service for translation of web pages by experienced translators who combine skills in both the translation and technical skills. Since the translation of your website is also the success of your business, the services we offer are of high quality and aim at the commercial segment, but at the same time promoting your company. In addition, your site’s information is provided in a logical flow and well-structured way.

For this reason, our collaborators handle excellent and in-depth the different types and levels of language required by the translation of a website. As is well known, the current requirements are very large, especially at the national level. If the language of your website and the texts it contains is not appropriate, or if formatting and translation are not thoughtful, it makes sense to be unable to easily reach your desired customers. If you wish to acquire customers abroad, then the translation of your website must be done in a proper way, so as not to lose a possible future source of revenue. Through the credible translation of your website, it can help your company stand out abroad and advise you of any pitfalls it hides. In addition, it provides you with a professional website that will boost your sales over the internet. For the specialized website translation service offered by MultiLingua, you can contact us either by email.

We undertake technical translations for all industries, such as:

  • Aeronautics-Aerospace/Aerospace
  • Defense
  • Architecture and Environment
  • Automotive Energy Industry
  • Beverage Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Biotechnology
  • Leather-Footwear
  • Structural Engineering & Construction
  • Business and Marketing
  • Furniture
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electronics – Engineering – Telecommunications
  • Marine Industries
  • Tobacco industry
  • Textiles and Clothing
  • Mining and Metallurgy – Minerals
  • Legal Metrology Packaging
  • Legal, Administration and Political Science
  • Carpentry, Papermaking & Printing
  • Optics & Photography
  • Games
  • Health Protection Products
  • Radio and Telecommunications
  • Military and Maritime Affairs
  • Banking Economics
  • Information and Communication Technologies
  • Machinery Sector
  • Tourism & Travel and Entertainment Sector
  • Health, Medical / Pharmaceutical and Medical equipment
  • Chemical Import & Export


  • Technical manuals – Technical translations
  • Descriptions and system specifications
  • Safety manuals
  • Patents, Standards and Certifications
  • Technical proposals
  • Manuals for the use and operation of electrical, electronic, household appliances, medical devices, cars, machines etc.
  • Quality stages

Medical & Pharmaceutical pharmacology

MultiLingua Language Services provides professional translation and interpretation services in all the fields of medicine, pharmacy and cosmetology.

Medical translations in the field of medical and pharmaceutical translations requires accuracy, updating and familiarity with the subject. Our translators and curators all have a university degree in translation and have considerable experience in this field. In order to ensure the reliability and quality of medical – pharmaceutical translations, translators – editors have at their disposal a wealth of specialized dictionaries and terminology bases.


  • Medical examinations and reports
  • Discharges
  • Clinical protocols
  • Incident Reporting Forms (CRF)
  • Clinical study manuals
  • Records with patient data and history
  • Sheets of hospitalization
  • Invoices and receipts of nursing institutions
  • Diploma and medical books
  • MSDS and FDS
  • Patents and others
  • Translations of medical equipment, instruments and tools:
  • Technical manuals
  • Instructions for use (IFU)
  • Promotional material and software for medical equipment
  • Directories of medical devices
  • Product Summary Abbreviations (SPCs) and others.
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical Translations


  • Drug components
  • Packages of medicines
  • Instruction Sheets and more.

MultiLingua Language Services provides translations to and from all European, Asian and Eastern languages. The services are provided by an international network of professionals in the field, consisting of, but not limited to, technical translators, terminologists, software localization engineers and highly trained electronic paging professionals in many languages.

Translation of documents

MultiLingua Language Services offers:

  • Translations with quality and within a specified deadline
  • Guaranteed quality results by industry specialists
  • Managing translation projects according to the corporate structure and methods of the client
  • Flexibility at each stage of translation projects, from the preliminary phase of thorough planning to pre-delivery control
  • Project management by a qualified, trained and experienced team
  • Continuous communication with the customer with the ability to monitor each phase of the project

We respect your privacy and we manage with care and professionalism both your business and personal documents. Finally, we take care of:

  • Proper presentation of our clients’ documents based on the original
  • Modernizing our infrastructures with cutting-edge technologies
  • Recruiting the best available translators and executives in the field of translation
  • Comprehensive information on developments in the international business community in the translation sector

We translate a wide range of different types of documents:

  • General business documents: marketing communication material, corporate communications, press releases, public relations material,
  • Legal Documents: Contracts, Conventions, Certifications, Registrations, Intellectual Property Rights, Patents
  • Technical Documents: warranties, technical manuals, training and maintenance manuals, technical bulletins, diagnostic flyers, safety manuals, user manuals, product catalogs, product certificates, specifications & brochures, manuals of operations and procedures
  • Financial Documents: Annual Reports, Accounting Reports, Industry Forecasts, Monetary Policy Reports, Audits, Financial Statements
  • Medical documents: clinical trial data, clinical trials, CMC, drug approvals, drug development records, drug manufacturing processes, drug patent applications, drug registration dossiers, drug distribution and promotion, drug labeling and packaging, medical information for patients and doctors, patient instructions, testing procedures, patient information leaflets (PIL), packaging, labeling

The translation cost of our services depends on various factors such as:

• Language combinations,

• The volume of the work and the set of words,

• The repeatability of the text,

• Delivery time in relation to the volume of the project,

• The specific requirements of the project.

The final cost is formed and sent in the form of a written offer after we have sent and analyzed the entire project to be translated and after the delivery time of the service has been agreed.

Our company has a very flexible pricing policy, based each time on the requirements of each project. Depending on the volume of the text, the repeatability of the text suggestions, the structure of your files and the translation availability, the price may vary by up to -40% compared to the original one. We offer special discounts for major projects or multi-year partnerships.


Quality assurance

In terms of terminology, MultiLingua Language Services works with specialist linguists and scientific serfs, who specialize in every field of knowledge. The company provides its partners with continuous access to translation tools such as databases, glossaries and dictionaries to ensure consistent results.

In all special texts, these tools ensure consistency and technical precision, which in turn ensures cost-effective services for our customers.

We have standardized our quality assurance procedures in a way that responds successfully to each client’s requirements and peculiarities. For this reason, we have communication with all our clients during the development of a project to ensure that the terminology and phraseology used meets their requirements.

Our services include all processing stages such as translation, correction and editing of texts, paging as well as quality control of the final translation by physicians, biologists or other scientists as appropriate for approval and verification of specialized terminology.

Specific interpretation

Being aware of the importance of full understanding and correct transposition of people from different nationalities with different linguistic idioms and cultural backgrounds for the success of an international professional meeting or conference, we have a network of highly specialized and highly qualified professional interpreters, covering international meetings that require a high level of service and a rare ability to constantly move between different cultural approaches and ways of thinking .

All our interpreters have years of experience, a high level of education and professionalism, a broad knowledge field, extensive knowledge of the culture, behavior and practices of countries where working languages are spoken, flexibility, high endurance – and under stressful conditions – good fitness , excellent memory, active listening and note taking skills, high degree of concentration, speed and sharpness of thought and perception, sharpness, ability to control tone and tone of voice, as well as comprehension, analysis, organization, transfer of meaning and multiple wording. They are also distinguished for their high specialization, professionalism, consistency, ethos, careful appearance and, above all, their confidence.

We therefore provide high-quality simultaneous (cabin), whisper, asymmetric, intermittent, sequential (panel) or telephone interpreting services as well as editing and translation services for conference and other conference and other conference material.

Our areas of expertise relate to interpretations:

  • Conferences
  • Meetings
  • Workshops
  • Conferences
  • Symposiums
  • Working meetings
  • General Assemblies
  • Councils
  • Seminars
  • Events
  • Meetings
  • Professional / business meetings and negotiations
  • Business missions
  • Open court proceedings


Interpretation consultants

  • Subtitling for hearing impaired
  • Text editing
  • Interpretation
  • Conference Interpretation
  • Telephone Interpretation
  • Localization (Software Localization)
  • Text correction
  • Subtitling
  • Education
  • Writing technical texts
  • Search for terminology
  • Transcript
  • Translation
  • Voice-over (Asynchronous narration)

Interpreters consult the organizers’ communication, linguistic and technical requirements and help them decide on the “deliverables” and draw up a budget.

  • Interpreter Consultants help you choose to invest in the critical services you really need and, above all, to avoid misinterpreted economies that can condemn a failed event.
  • Because interpreting is a job with special requirements, Interpreting Consultants help the organizers to ensure working conditions that will allow interpreters to achieve the best possible performance.
  • The Interpreter Consultants will tell you about the required number of interpreters and specifications of the chambers, the availability of interpreters in every city and country of the world, etc.
  • Most importantly, they will help you choose without any retreat among the professional interpreters closer to the venue, depending on their language combination and expertise.

Languages of interpretation

MultiLingua Language Services collaborates with a network of numerous specialized and experienced professional interpreters to serve your needs with accountability and professionalism in most of the world’s most spoken languages.

Indicatively, based on our network of partners, it serves the following languages:

  • etc

Interpretation topics

Multilingual Language Services, aware of the importance of full understanding and correct transposition of individuals from different nationalities, with different language idioms and cultural backgrounds, for the success of an international business meeting or conference, we have a vast network of specialized and acclaimed professional interpreters , both in Greece and abroad, covering international meetings that require a high level of service and the scarce ability to constantly move between different cultural approaches and ways of thinking.

All our interpreters have years of experience, a high level of education and professionalism, a broad knowledge field, extensive knowledge of the culture, behavior and practices of countries where working languages ​​are spoken, flexibility, high endurance – and under stressful conditions – good fitness , excellent memory, active listening and writing skills, high degree of concentration, speed and sharpness of thought and perception, sharpness, control of tone and tone of voice, and ability understanding, analysis, organization, transport and multiple meanings wording. They are also distinguished for their high level of expertise, professionalism, consistency, ethos, careful appearance and, above all, their confidence.

We therefore provide high-quality simultaneous (cabin), whisper, asymmetric, intermittent, sequential (on panel) or telephone interpreting services, as well as editing and translation services of conference materials and texts, and other speeches.

Simultaneous interpretation

The most well-known form of interpretation due to its widespread application at international conferences. Interpreters listen to the speaker through headphones, installed in special cabins (the so-called “cabins”) and translate almost simultaneously speaking on the microphone. Hearing listeners through their preferred language. Simultaneous interpretation requires the relevant infrastructure (chambers, microphones, headphones), but allows meetings to be held without interruption, multiplying the time available. It is the only acceptable solution for competitions in which more than two languages are used.

Substitutional or intermediate interpretation

The speaker completes a part of his speech and the interpreter follows using his memory and notes. Usual in bilateral contacts and negotiations involving small groups.


In special cases and for a limited time an interpreter can translate simultaneously, whispering to one or two at most listeners sitting near them.

Despite the different forms of interpretation and their basic applications or the individual advantages and constraints that accompany them, there is a basic similarity that connects them: the ultimate quality of communication begins and is determined by a meaningful understanding of the original message. Only then can the meaning and meanings be translated into the words of the listener’s language.

Understanding requires proper preparation while faithful transfer of meaning requires the interpreter to have the rare ability to move continuously between different cultural approaches and modes of thought with ease by choosing their common points.

Bilateral interpretation

Mainly consecutive or whimsical interpretation at bilateral business or informal meetings. The interpreter translates for a limited number of people.

Interpretation of conferences

Legal interpretation

Interpreting provided to Courts, Police, Aliens Service and other related Services, as well as reading and signing notarial acts.

Quality of interpretation

I believe our company is “quality above all”, and the consistency in responding to each customer’s requirements individually and respecting promises is also our primary concern.

The quality of the services we provide is not only ensured by strict adherence to the formal procedures provided by the quality assurance system we follow, but also by the daily implementation of stricter internal regulations as part of the completion of each project

This is indicative of:
• Developing a sense of responsibility for partners, which is a prerequisite for the quality and consistent performance of the project
• Consistency in terminology and compliance with customer requirements
• Continuous evaluation and self-evaluation of our partners
• Constant communication and customer information
• Timely informing the client in case of any problem and anticipating early replacement of the partner in the event of an impediment
• Encouraging our partners to work continuously, through lifelong learning


MultiLingua Language Services is committed to strictly respecting the confidentiality of your medical and personal data by signing a confidentiality agreement with customers who want it.

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