Purpose of the Seminar

The important element of the Coaching program is that it relies entirely on mini cases and discussion interactions and role playing. Participants receive instructions that are applied in cases with immediate effect, assimilating successful Coaching techniques.

Course summary

  • The differences between Leading, Managing & Coaching: Discussion and agreement by team
  • The Coaching Habit: We talk less but we ask more!
  • The Key to Simple and Effective Coaching
  • Comprehending levels of manager for effective coaching of his team
  • Role play and individual test
  • Manager’s lack of time for effective team coaching
  • The seven features of an effective Coach
  • Action plan agreement / commitment (individual meetings)

Target Audience

The Seminar is addressed to Business Executives, HR Professionals, Managers, Managers, Trainers & Educators and generally those responsible for coordinating, mobilizing, and developing teams within a business or organization

Conducting the Seminar

The seminars are conducted online through the Multilingua asynchronous training platform, or at your headquarters during the hours and days that serve the operation of the client.

Customized Training Workshops are created, which concern the Diagnosis of the existing situation and the Configuration-Creation of a laboratory and educational program especially for the requirements of the individual and the company, which is achieved through Field Visits, interviews and Placement Tests.

The seminars are private/individual or group.

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