We utilize the vast experience of iservices in both web developing and health journalism, to design and create modern medical websites.

Every medical website is treated differently depending on the specialty of the doctor or whether it is a website of a clinic, medical or diagnostic center, rehabilitation unit, hospital, health news site, etc.

Experienced medical author with specialized knowledge in terminology and requirements of each specialty, undertakes the structure and writing the content in collaboration with the doctor (s).

Web designer enriches the content with appropriate graphics.

Simultaneously with the construction of the website by a developer of iservices, an executive specialized inSEO and in digital marketing, conducts internet research and "builds" the SEO of the website taking care that the content contains the targeted micro-phrases - key with which the users search for the relevant medical specialty, diseases, treatment methods, etc.

Every medical website we build is automatically customizable forsmartphones, tablets και mobile devices.

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