Foreign Languages for Hospitality and Tourism is exclusively designed for those who need to enhance and advance their Language skills in the field of the hospitality and tourism surroundings.

In the industry where foreign languages are widely used, it is very important to master the proper use of the language. Not only that, we provide a very conducive language learning environment for our clients. In order to guarantee the satisfaction of our clients, the course is designed focusing on collection of topics and skills such as the application of grammar, vocabulary and professional communication skills which are interrelated to the authentic scenarios of the target industry.

Hospitality and Tourism is often described as ‘the pleasure industry’ or ‘the welcome industry’. It’s an industry where communication is the key feature. It’s also an international industry and will involve a range of inter-cultural encounters.

Seminar Description

At the end of the course, the participants are expected to be able to use proper language in handling various contexts of situations that they might come across in the field of hospitality and tourism.
Plus, participants will also obtain knowledge of vocabulary needed in both spoken and written communication when dealing professionally with clients.

From a teaching point of view the emphasis is firmly on functional language – giving information, making recommendations, dealing with problems and so on – and on creating realistic situational practice where language functions can be demonstrated and developed alongside basic service-oriented performance.

Course Main Content:

  • Expand their practical skills of understanding in the field of hospitality and tourism concepts
  • Expand listening skills that require when listening for information and key words
  • Expand their communication skills and mastering vital phrases in the field of hospitality and tourism
  • Improve the use of the language confidently in term of fluency
  • Use grammatical structure precisely
  • Widen the existing vocabulary in the target field
  • Enhance communication skills with potential customers, clients and learning outcomes

Target Audience

To individuals and employees engaged in the profession of tourism, to administrative staff of hotel units as well as to students of tourism professions who want to develop the necessary language skills.

Conducting the Seminar

The seminars are conducted online through the Multilingua asynchronous training platform, or at your headquarters during the hours and days that serve the operation of the client.

Customized Training Workshops are created, which concern the Diagnosis of the existing situation and the Configuration-Creation of a laboratory and educational program especially for the requirements of the individual and the company, which is achieved through Field Visits, interviews and Placement Tests.

The seminars are private or group. 


Certificate of seminar attendance

10 ώρες δωρεάν πιλοτικό πρόγραμμα και 20% έκπτωση στα Online Προγράμματα Γλωσσομάθειας και στα Σεμινάρια Γλωσσολογίας Για Ειδικό Σκοπό.