Do you have extroverted orientations? Have you decided to promote your products or services in the international market or in selected - targeted markets in which you consider yourself competitive? Do you want to boost your exports? Are you looking for international partners?

We utilize the vast experience of iservices to offer you comprehensive services to promote your exports online.

The package of online export promotion services includes and utilizes according to your needs:

  • Internet utilization study to promote your exports.
  • Demand research for your products.
  • Investigation of direct & indirect competition.
  • Suggestions for using online tools.
  • Electronic networking service for exports - Implementation of contact methods with potential customers or partners - Investigation and utilization of international and local marketplaces.
  • SEO services (Search Engines Optimization) in selected languages ​​- markets.
  • Utilization of social media for extroverted goals.
  • Designing an export internet marketing plan and implementing a targeted internet advertising campaign.
  • Editing and implementing a newsletter marketing campaign.
  • Implementation of an electronic sales plan for exports.
  • Implementation of a B2B marketplace plan for the interconnection of Greek companies and products with their counterparts abroad.

Provided with cooperation and support of  

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