Purpose of the Seminar

The seminar aims at training Trainer with emphasis on presentation techniques, persuasion skills and harmonious relationships.

Presentation goals

  • Clear messages & Convinced listeners
  • Audience: Who they are, how many they are, what they know (and feel)
  • Golden rules for clear communication
  • Communication skills
  • Effective “Building” and flow of presentation
  • Create harmonious relationships & coordination
  • How quickly listeners and revocation techniques are lost
  • Use of presentation media and printed or other material for listeners
  • The perfect finish of a presentation
  • Practice with video recording

Course Summary

  • Definition and principles of oral communication
  • The process of Communication
  • Obstacles to Communication and how they are overcome
  • The concept of different perception investigating audience needs Effective and energetic speaker listening
  • Activating audience Body language. Presentation Skills / presentation skills Preparation Configuration of speech / presentation objectives
  • Icebreakers / acquaintance with the group and introduction of the subject of the speech. Audience development stages. Difficult Audience / Receiver Personalities Speaker / Transmitter Personal Questions / Audience Engagement Volume & Speech Rate
  • Ideal Presentation (Structure, Content, Using Right Examples, Using Visual Material Practice

Target Audience

The seminar is addressed to experienced and new trainers, but also to other categories of professionals who hold presentations to a large or small audience.

Conducting the Seminar

The seminars are conducted online through the Multilingua asynchronous training platform, or at your headquarters during the hours and days that serve the operation of the client.

Customized Training Workshops are created, which concern the Diagnosis of the existing situation and the Configuration-Creation of a laboratory and educational program especially for the requirements of the individual and the company, which is achieved through Field Visits, interviews and Placement Tests.

The seminars are private/individual or group.


Certificate of seminar attendance.

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