Purpose of the seminar

The seminar will help the above executives to understand the role of psychology in the workplace. The aim is to learn new ways of thinking about the human factor at work. By acquiring specialized knowledge about the needs, temperament and motivation of employees, the ultimate goal is to make better use of human resources in order to increase the efficiency of every business activity.

The program approaches the Psychology of Labor theoretically but also fully practical through the method of Successive Experimental Action. In this way, participants learn to discover their own responses, to act pro-actively and to find opportunities to be creative.

Συνοπτική Θεματολογία

  • Introduction – What is the role of psychology in the workplace?
  • Why the need for the science of psychology at work was created
  • The work psychology deals with it
  • Individual differences
  • Attention and perception
  • Intelligence
  • Personality
  • Behavior Behavioral factors in the working environment – Incentives
  • Assessing the needs of employees o Satisfying the needs and expectations of employees
  • Creating a ‘community’ of communities
  • The role of participation in employee psychology – Working groups
  • Behavior of working groups
  • The role of the group in the enterprise o Factors that affect the group
  • Group cohesion
  • Constructive use of teams. The importance of mentality
  • Work roles – Culture
  • What role does culture play in the behavior and psychology of the employee – Leadership
  • What does it mean for people at work?
  • Leadership and power o Leadership capabilities
  • Psychology and leadership behavior
  • Leadership and culture
  • Leadership & motivation – The ‘psychological contract’
  • What is and what role it plays in employee performance – Psychometric tests
  • What is and what role they play in the workplace – Employee orientation and psychology
  • What does the “career” concept mean for workers’ psychology? The mental health of workers
  • Psychological causes of accidents
  • High-risk zones
  • Psychological factors that play an important role in safety
  • Various health issues that can affect employee performance
  • Stress and stress
  • The study of communication as an extension of the study of the nature of individuals
  • Non-verbal behavior
  • Daily problems arising due to problematic communication – Change
  • What are the changes in the workplace that affect the employee – Development of the individual through work – Individual Development?
  • What it means to grow through his / her work
  • What are employee development plans?
  • What are the implications of such programs?

Target Audience

The seminar is addressed to all executives of businesses and organizations, particularly senior and senior executives, as well as to staff departments.

Conducting the Seminar

The seminars are conducted online through the Multilingua asynchronous training platform, or at your headquarters during the hours and days that serve the operation of the client.

Customized Training Workshops are created, which concern the Diagnosis of the existing situation and the Configuration-Creation of a laboratory and educational program especially for the requirements of the individual and the company, which is achieved through Field Visits, interviews and Placement Tests.

The seminars are private/individual or group.


Certificate of seminar attendance.

10 ώρες δωρεάν πιλοτικό πρόγραμμα και 20% έκπτωση στα Online Προγράμματα Γλωσσομάθειας και στα Σεμινάρια Γλωσσολογίας Για Ειδικό Σκοπό.