«In the world of cut throat competition, Multilingua Commercial Business Network Seminars has achieved an incredible mark in the Education arena ever since its inception. Because of the crowd number of educational consultancies across the country, managers, HR department staff and personnel have often been misguided in reference to their educational requirements. Believing such organizations, clients not only lose their precious time, but they also lose a huge amount of money and effort in such process. Therefore, I want to convey this message to our clients that the main reason which led us to establish Multilingua is to provide unique and well defined world-class technical and management education. Meeting new challenges of advance technology is our paramount objectives in tune with contemporary requirements

Multilingua Commercial Business Network Seminars has been working relentlessly towards providing the highest quality of professional education to their clients with the objective of equipping them for a global acknowledgement. At Multilingua, we’re helping clients address these hard questions with research-based, field-tested programs and services. They’re designed with one goal in mind: To close the achievement gap concerning Foreign Language Courses – Computer Studies – Marketing and Management Seminars.

As we answer today's business needs, we also address tomorrow's business growth. Our relationship with a client does not end when a training session or a mentoring engagement is finished. Rather, we continue to build a strong partnership between our companies and bring to you our personal commitment and unwavering dedication to the ultimate goal of your business success.

Our corporate mission encapsulates the goal to maximize the competencies and effectiveness of each organization through a holistic approach to developing people's personal and technical skills vital for success. This goal is accomplished by blending cutting edge technology training with project mentoring and educational consulting services. We achieve this mission through an obsession with the utmost of client satisfaction

Engagement—this is a term that is often used when discussing the type of relationships that corporations should aim for with their individual employees. And when working to build such relationships within the highly diverse, highly complex world of global business, it is essential to maintain a cross-cultural communication perspective that objectively views the distance between yourself and others with the goal of bridging this divide, and link this with the know-how to collectively motivate a diverse group of individuals to maximize organizational effectiveness. These two crucial points are areas that Multilingua Commercial Business Network Seminars has long cultivated; it is where our expertise lies.

As markets become increasingly global in nature, products and services have ever shorter lifespans, becoming obsolete at an accelerated pace, and this has resulted in a shift in competitive advantage to those people and organizations capable of achieving change and creating new value. That is why it is important for any company striving to succeed on the global business stage to continue being the organization of choice among both internal and external human resources, and to be an organization that creates new value through the effective education and training proved to their executives and personnel.

To date, we have acquired extensive experience addressing many of the challenges that Greek and Multinational companies face, particularly cross-cultural issues – language development , globalization-related problems, and challenges in training human resources able to excel on the global stage. We, too, have experienced firsthand the difficulties involved in achieving management that collectively links the diverse motivations of individual employees to organizational performance, and struggled with the creation of engagement that alternately selects organizations and individuals in order to refine our highly effective, highly reproducible real-world solutions.

Professional credentialing and development are in a continued revolution. Because we have paid attention to executives and staff for more than 30 years, we are innovating education and standards with new methods of metrics, technology, accreditation, pedagogy, and development styles.

Because of our innovations, we can promote greater learning principles and new strategic thinking to professionals much more efficiently than traditional methods. While some in the business simply offer narrow choices of learning methods, Multilingua was established by its thought CEO-Founder, experts and professors from the “real world” by integrating top-tier professional training and education.
Bound by the firm belief that an Educational Institution should be totally under the management and care of academic professionals, a team of reputed, and experienced specialists from different national and international backgrounds have come together to establish Multilingua Commercial Business Network Seminars.“


Chief Executive Office – Founder

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